Welcome to Amy M. York's Wiki Page at ctteams.wikispaces.com!About MeI love to read! I'm very excited to be teaching Literacy AND Social Studies this year. I belong to the Gold Stars 6th Grade Team starring...Mrs. Amy Majek - Math, Mrs. Sabrina Berentsen - Literacy/Social Studies, Ms. Patricia Roy - Science, and Mrs. Gabriella Paardenkooper - Special Education. We are a fabulous team! I am also a member of the WMS School Data Team. I used to be an auditor with an international accounting firm (KPMG), so I enjoy analyzing data (but I prefer doing that as a teacher - not as an auditor). My goal this year is to integrate technology into my classroom and the classrooms of my colleagues, so that is why I am a member of the group coordinating the Millennium Grant at WMS.Have a great day! PurposeThe purpose of this Wiki Page is to provide resources that would be useful for 6th Grade Literacy/Social Studies Teachers. PhilosophyLiteracy instruction should be a focus in all classes. Social Studies has been paired with Literacy instruction in our 5th & 6th grade teaming structures because the content in this subject is best approached through teaching strategies for reading and writing in the content area.


Language Arts

(District curriculum is under construction.The sequence of this document wasdetermined by matching topics in reading.)

Social Studies

(District curriculum is under construction.)

Student Websites
geography&learning games

Teaching Tools

non-fiction features


Sample Reading Log

Reading Project List

Sample Book Report (Fiction)

Sample Book Report (Non Fiction)

Strand 1 Pretest


Sample Weekly Writing Assignment Template

Writing Genre Lists

Introduction Activity

Editing and Revising Pretest

Sample Prompt

Social Studies

Reading Room Resources (draft)
Literacy Classroom Research Notes2009-2010 6th Grade CMT Data Memo
Sample Syllabus

Grade 5 2009-10 Reading Expectations

Literacy Organization Ideas

Interest Inventory

CT Grade 6 Science GLEs

Extended Literacy Sample Syllabus

Extended Literacy Log Sheet

What is non-fiction?

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