Web 2.0 Tools

Click on the links below to check out some cool Web 2.0 tools:
  • Animoto - For an online digital storytelling tool, go to: http://animoto.com/
  • Blabberize - For a tool that allows you to upload a photo, define a mouth area and record a voice/s to create an animated photo, go to: http://blabberize.com/
  • Share Tabs
    • For a tool that allows you to create a Web page of up to 15 links and create a virtual tab for each link, go to: http://sharetabs.com/
    • To view an example of a Share Tabs page created by Jane Cook of some cool tools and videos from the Discovery Education National Science Institute, go to: http://sharetabs.com/?desi09
  • Webspiration - For an online visual thinking, concept mapping and outlining tool (it's Inspiration online), go to: http://mywebspiration.com/
  • Xtranormal - For an online tool that allows students to write scripts for 1 or 2 characters and create short animated text-to-speech movies, go to: http://www.xtranormal.com/

Cool Tools and Projects for Schools

For a much longer list of Web 2.0 tools, go to: