What are Voice Threads?


A VoiceThread is an online, multimedia, Web 2.0 collaboration tool that can display various types of media including, images, documents, and videos. Individuals can comment on the VoiceThread several ways:
- - Voice, using a microphone or telephone
- - Text
- - Audio file
- - Video (using a webcam)

VoiceThreads permit collaborative discussions to take place in one online venue.
Check out this link to see examples of how VoiceThreadsmay be used to in a collaborative way to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

This link is a very comprehensive description about VoiceThreads, how to sign up for a VoiceThread account, how to get started to create a VoiceThread, and educational examples of VoiceThreads.

Embedding Voice Threads in a Wikispace

To embed a Voice Thread in a Wikispace, follow these steps:
  1. Launch your Web browser and open two tabs - one with your Voice Threads and one with your Wikispace.
  2. Go to your Voice Thread thread tab in your Web browser and find the Voice Thread that you want to embed.
  3. Click on Menu in the upper right hand corner.
  4. Choose Embed from the drop down menu. This will bring up a dialog box with HTML code that you'll need to copy.
  5. Click on Copy to copy the HTML code to your clipboard.
  6. Go to you Wikispace tab in your Web browser.
  7. Go to the page on your Wikispace where you want to embed your Voice Thread.
  8. Click on Edit This Page.
  9. Click on the Widget icon (the icon that looks like a blue TV screen with rabbit ear antennae).
  10. Click on Video.
  11. Click on Other.
  12. Paste the HTML code from the clipboard. You will then see a gray media box on your Wiki page.
  13. Click on Save.
Once the page is saved, you can click on the large right arrow in the center of the media box to run the Voice Thread.