Podcasting in Plain English - Click here to view the same 3 minute video on You Tube. It describe what a podcast is; it's from Lee LeFever of CommonCraft.

Click on the links below to find some great resources for Podcasting and some useful educational Podcasts:
EdTechTalk - Go to: http://edtechtalk.com/ for a great site with educational Podcasts.
GCast - Go to: http://www.gcast.com/ for a tutorial on Podcasting and a Web site for creating Podcasts for free.
Poducate Me: Practical Solutions for Podcasting in Education - Go to: http://www.poducateme.com/guide/ for a definitive Web site on Podcasting for educators.
Primary Access - Go to: http://www.primaryaccess.org/index.htm for "a web-based tool that offers teachers and students frictionless access to digital images and materials that enable them to construct compelling personal narratives".
Radio Owl at Vinton School in Mansfield - Go to: http://mansfieldct.org/schools/vinton/vnradio/index.htm to learn about Podcasting and listen to some great student Podcasts. Go to: http://radioowl.podcastpeople.com/ to check out some of their newer Podcasts.
Voice Threads - Go to: http://voicethread.com/ to learn about voice threads and to sign up for a free account. "A VoiceThread is an online media album that can hold essentially any type of media (images, documents and videos) and allows people to make comments in 5 different ways."