What is Glogster?

Glogster is a Web 2.0 tool which allows you to "poster yourself". All you need to do is create a free login and click on Create a Glog. Your poster or Glog can contain text, images, audio, and video. Everything that you place on our poster can have a link to a Web page. The tools are simple to use. There is a commercial version of Glogster. However, since the general public uses that site, you may encounter some unsavory Glogs there. Teachers should create educational Glogster accounts at: http://edu.glogster.com. This is a site that is dedicated for the sole use of educators and students. Teachers can create class accounts which allow their students to create Glogs, too. For more information or for help in using the educational version of Glogster, go to: http://edu.glogster.com/faq/.
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A Sample Glog

Above is an example of a Glog that Jane Cook created to serve as the homepage of the Stafford Web 2.0 Wiki. Notice that as you hover your mouse over each box on the poster, a red circle appears which means that there is a hyperlink. For this Glog, when you click on the text or image, you will launch a new page on the Stafford Public Schools private Wiki in an external window. Since this is a private Wiki, you will not be able to see the content. However, this demonstrates that you can embed links to any Web page in a Glog.

How to Embed Glogs on Wikispaces?


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Go to edu.glogster.com Source: Glogster newsletter, 9/9/10

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Having problems seeing this? Click hereto view this on full screen. To view as a narrative description go to the Wikispaces blog by clicking here.
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SPICE UP your Wikispaces with Glog with

Dear EDUcators,

Glogster EDU wants to make this year's Back to School season exciting and useful!
One of the many new features we bring is the new integration with
to give you a simple tool to embed all of your favorite Glogs in your personal & school wikis!

How to embed Glogs on Wikispaces?

external image li1.gifGo to any Wikispaces page
and click the EDIT BUTTON

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Click the WIDGET BUTTON in the editor toolbar
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external image widget.gif
external image li3.gif
Click the POSTER SECTION and choose Glogster EDU

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LOG IN to your Glogster EDU account
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external image login.gif
external image li5.gifChoose your Glog and click Insert Glog
Single click only!

external image li6.gifThat's it! Your Glog will appear on your wiki!
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external image appear.gif
Make your wikis more fun and educational with the new Glogster EDU embed tool on Wikispaces, and get ready for more thrilling Back to School news! Create your own Glogster EDU account at