Stealing is Bad Xtranormal by WMS students:

WMS OWL Writing Center Peer Tutoring Xtranormal by WMS Writing & Technology Center Tutor:

To learn more about Xtranormal and create your own videos, go to: http://www.xtranormal.com/

Here's an example of an Xtranormal created by Cyd Weldon. (I obviously need a lot more practice!)

Technology Tool Scenario Sheet

Group Members: Janice Nye, Yusomil Bonet

Name of Tool, URL (if Web-based), Cost & Description
How Can the Tool be Used in Education?
Content Area/s in Which Tool Would Be Useful
Name: xtranormal

URL: www.xtranormal.com

Cost: free

Description: Create your own animation.
It is a very versatile tool that helps the students to implement their learn knowledge in writing.
Also they can enjoy and achieve technology skills,
Social Studies, writing, languages, technology and can also be used as a assessment tool.
Can be use as a center activity and as an independent task or it can be use as a team work, This activity can be scaffold up or down easily and is reachable at all levels. It is very user friendly and the icon makes it easy for ELL students.
It is time consuming in a very constrict schedule.

Draft of Project Using Tool: We created an account and developed an animation, exploring with English and Spanish. Also we played with the different tools in this site.. For a word document, click here: xtranormal; A. York & E. Hebert