Basic Resources:

CSDE CMT Guides and Resources

WMS Tier II Literacy Enrichment Modules

Click on the links below to open the WMS Tier II Literacy Modules. To download and save any of the files on your local hard drive or flash drive, right-click on the file name and choose Save or Save Target As.

Test Taking Strategies and Practice Module

Assessment Tools

Click on the file names below to download or open the rubrics and assessment tools that go with the Tier II Literacy Modules:

Reading Comprehension Strand B.1 - Text Structures Module

Primary Author: Max Echevarria

Reading Comprehension Strand B.2 - Genres Module

Primary Author: Nicole Bay

Writing as a Process Module

Primary Author: Jane Cook

Grade 5 Literacy HOW Module

Below are the materials that Jane Cook helped Cyd Weldon and Kristen Tracy work on to develop the Grade 5 Literacy HOW Module:

Harcourt Readers Inventory
For an Excel spreadsheet with the leveled readers by grade and focus skill/strategy, click here--> Harcourt_Readers_Inventory_9-20-11.xls
Module Planning Materials from WMS Literacy Module Team Summer 2011
Click here for access to background materials that the WMS Literacy Module Team worked on--> Module Planning Materials from Work During Summer 2011