Schedule for WMS Laptop Carts, Stationary Labs, Peripherals, & OWL Writing & Tech Center




Laptop Carts for Grades 5, 6, 7 & 8

Use this calendar to schedule any of the Laptop Carts at WMS. This calendar also lists planning meetings and training opportunities for the Millennium Project grant.

WMS Stationary Lab in B150 and Times When Ms. Gilbey's and Ms. Parkins' Labs are Available

Use this calendar to schedule times in one of the stationary computer labs at WMS. These labs are NOT staffed during the available times. Teachers must be sure that students are accompanied by an adult when using any of these labs. Data projectors should be available in all three labs. A Smart Board is only available in Ms. Gilbey's Lab (Room B020). If you will need help with the equipment, please contact Sydney Gilbey (ext. 2020) or Jane Cook (ext. 3156) ahead of time to make these arrangements.

WMS Peripherals

Use this calendar to schedule the use of data projectors, digital cameras, video cameras and scanners at WMS.

WMS Writing and Technology Center

Use this calendar to schedule your students for time in the WMS Writing & Technology Center.

The WMS Writing & Technology Center is located in the back of Room B020 and is open: 8:40 AM to 10:20 AM & from 11:20 AM to 1:00 PM Daily

Peer tutors are available to help students with all steps of the writing process from pre-writing to final publication. Please be sure students come to the WMS Writing and Technology Center with their writing assignments. The Center is limited to six students at a time.