WMS Faculty Meeting on 1/3/11

Good to Great Video

Greatness is Not a Function of Circumstance: http://www.jimcollins.com/media.html

Jane Cook's Notes from the Nathan Hale Middle School Team Visit on 12/17/10

Click on the file name below to read Jane Cook's notes from the Nathan Hale Middle School Team meetings with the WMS teachers on 12/17/10: NathanHaleMiddleSchoolNorwalkVisitingTeamMeetingwithWMSDataTeamson12-17-10.doc

Norwalk Visiting Team Quote

"Reading Good to Great together helped us confront the 'brutal truth' about our building. You have to look at that ‘brutal truth’ in order to determine your direction and focus."

Discussion questions:
In your group, appoint a facilitator, scribe, and timekeeper; all others will serve as gatekeepers and secondary facilitators. Working with your group, discuss the following question:
  • What are our 'brutal truths" at WMS?
The scribe will record your group's "brutal truths" on a piece of chart paper and hang it on the wall. When the discussion is completed, take a "gallery walk" and read all of the notes on every group's chart.

Exit Slip: As an individual, write a response to the following question:
  • What one action will I take as an individual to make WMS a school where children and adults want to work and learn together?
Do not put your name on it but hand it in at the end of the meeting.

Exit Slip for WMS Faculty Meeting on 1-3-11.doc